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Related article: Date : Tue, 7 December 23, 2010 58th 20 0000 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 64 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate iMagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so Pre Teen Lolitas that if the formAtting or punctuation go turn the tide, now I know why ! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Chapter 64 - Repentance ". ? the love in the morning, you're a little late Did you sleep well," \\ \\ n " Uumm.. yes. " walking slowly appeared in the kitchen for breakfast a little Tom hesitant, he was not quite sure what the reaction of his mother hopes to. Having assumed that undoubtedly will discuss the legend of the And the broken fronts with his father at some point, before coming to breakfast. " What we have something interesting today?" Standing next to the sink thatShe smiled as she adjusted the yellow rubber gloves. " Spose me as usual. " He said, rather casually that is the additional physical task going into the hands of Pre Teen Lolitas Mr. Turner. " No games or so, today? " She asked, turning to smile over again. Why you should wear a permanent smile. Strange, talk about games. Could this with the guys that are connected undressed in changing rooms and, of course, forge a relationship with the ubiquitous Y- Front? Why not come out exactly right with what he had in his mind and say, it. Watch things. " No, tomorrow is mom. " After a little quiet this morning there was no was time for what has become the ritual itself to abuse. He was deeply into his bag of s once he had returned to the dishes in the sink. " can always be changed or something? " He asked, looking through the window over the sink. " Oh, there's a new package of corn flakes in the cupboard " " WOT? Corn Flakes ? Changed, no.. no.. I` spose no. Why ? "He just hoped it did not seem to do not look as uncomfortable as he began to feel. Cunning this mothers. Pre Teen Lolitas " Oh, nothing. " "mom.. why, why? " Nervously plays with the new cereal box and ribs ended the top of the box and give a handful of pouring in the sugar - container. " to clarify that you are eating so you will not be late. " She said she moved to the table. "Mama WOT to change? WoT do you say ?" I asked again, trying to intentionally To avoid eye contact. " Well," he said, putting the mixture of sugar and cereals with a clean spoon, " I n nasty not what your father told me, and I found it quite , right? " " What did he say ? " Tom 's voice was in the thought of another otherwise stressful day. It was what I needed. ".. WOT WOT is not unpleasant ?" Stammered, staring at the cup. " Well, I mean. You know what these guys they have. " His voice was a an advantage. "Mama WoT children.... WOT, WOT ? " His appetite, breakfast was already a lost cause. " to D 'You know, I tell a good head for school, their parents should know. " " Mom, WOT? Please tell me. " Tom 's voice sounded desperate, and butterflies nervous stir again. " Please tell me you mean WOT. " " Well, that's why I asked the father to talk to you. " His comments had no real sense, or heard a replies, looking out the window comfortable again," I do not think that You should discuss these things.. these things.. It is job dad.. You know what I mean, what I found... " " No, I do not. Things WOT? Found ? " This was a long pause while both looked pregnant at different n Address. " Oh, no! " Tom turned bright red in the realization of what we refer to , exactly know what he meant, and not able to use the word underwear was. It's too embarrassing. " Oh... I know.. that means.. oh.. I HHMM... " " pretty, "he continued looking out the window. A sheltered life, and not the brothers , but not his only son KNOw something about masturbation, , who was too young. "How can you steal from the boys could," he said, visibly n together himself: "Are you, your underwear and what they were doing," became n Tom at the mere mention of the word of course, not least because it grabbed from total embarrassment. This was his mother, along the taboo and talk about what happened to your underwear! " And then she brings broken, in this sorry state, so that that have to take home after being... oh, too bad. What s of the family for the boys ? " " Oh HHMM.. "What was going to say next, he had cut. " It wot father then said that ? " " Yes, you poor boy, who must have felt sick to carry with them please which is not surprising that you never say anything and hid under the bed! " blinked Tom. Naive was not the word, actually no idea who constantly masturbates for the last few weeks. Even now, that he had not made ​​the connectionn Despite the stains on your clothes, and Lino n "It was horrible mother. " "I think so. was" inhalation occasionally just to make the point, looked at the shell cornflakes, which now seemed somehow very attractive. "Of course I do not think so, I guess I knew who he was, right? " She asked casual. " If a lot is to have children. " He said with nostalgia to the bucket load and squeezed her legs together to learn, he was dressed again in Brian n Y fronts and pants short Alex kind Ted found the bedroom door closed when he got it, hitting a surface entered the art room to find her face on the bed n undone. Still with only socks, a dirty shirt and white shorts, in the towel on the floor by the bedside. " Are you okay? " Concerns, Ted sat on the edge of the bed beside her. " hhmm WoT think! " Growled way, still. " We'll have to order and I will give a lift to school. " Ted hesitated, put a hand in the style of the shoulders, grimaced. "Cofor me, only you and are me. We let Simon the bus. " " hhmm.. " " Please, look of art. "Ted looked at his watch. There is no doubt that it to have a train that has a nature, was to arrive on time, even with a lift. " Dad.. "Kind of turned his head slowly, his cheeks were scratched. " Am I.. I really am.. disgusting? " ears still ringing and comments Linda was very flat. N " No, no! You silly boy. No, never ! "It sounded Ted emotional. You can not help it, physically out of bed and art hugged him. Nothing was said for a minute, when they parted, it was obvious as no so much sense. "does not mean that. Ehrlich. "Ted looked at his face and did his best to smile. " You should know by now, is completely useless when it bloody comes to you, most age and sex. " " Yer, I spose it. " " There is no thinking about it, it really is. Everything was said in the heat of the at the time. Honestly, is now worried about how much it upset you. " " Oh, I understand. "Art nodded, then Ted, giving a confused of its special appearance, blinked. " She was so surprised when you suddenly realize that your son is not all n more. " " WOT do you mean ? " No " well that was scared to death, when the big dick to insert This dirty pants right in your face, that's what he did! " Ted took a breath , obviously affected by the to say what you owe. "Art, that s face it, everyone knows you're a bloody mess. But love to pieces. No You see, suddenly away, she went to a young child.. with the right equipment " " Oh, shit ! "turned the lower jaw type, repeated," I know dick? " " Yes, that's what I say! "Ted smiled again without notice, took kind and hugged him. Removed "God I love you. " Both his eyes, was Ted and pointed to the pants he had brought and left in the ground. "Bring It On and then use these two small safety pins, " it turned to the dresser to go himself, "Flights to stay together, not a will notice. After downloading and take you to school. But hurry and wash your face. " " Dad. "Ted called take rate, as it was happening, turned Pre Teen Lolitas and left met up with another of the kind of smile. " You do everything in order. " " times, " standing outside the room Ted took a few seconds to get the same before walking down the stairs. All this and so early in the day. " Linda he is always ready, I'll start taking Simon has done ? Has n know what was going on? " " I do not know to be honest, I do not know what looked good. However, is just to the left, everything seemed in order, without doubt, he would find Pre Teen Lolitas out about art. " appeared at the kitchen door and seemed to cry as well. " Art is everything okay? I really do not know. that.. was all n fast.. When he grew up, has... He is a young man, " " I know and he knows that I do not say, I'll talk to him about the time in form " ", but are you OK? "Asked to see that Ted obviously had a time in tears. " About the same as you, it is certainly one of those mornings not it? " The replied with a smile and walk. N " But what would we do without him? " "Without him ?" She pulled him close. " I do not know. Probably much less Wash, " of their time together lasted only a minute or two before interrupted by a loud noise as art accidentally dropped his backpack for n the ground and chased noisily. " Oh... sorry... hhmm " said a little embarrassed to see standing together, sit down, turned his brown jacket. " art," said Linda, "Come here. " " YER WOT, Mom? " He said, while trying to adjust his tie, never undo and got into all days as a rope hanging from the man. A little unsure what to do or what to expect, slowly approached, only to see that kisses drowned in touch. " I love it," she said between hugs him : " I ​​did not want.... there was also a shock to see.. I... ur.. HHMM.. " " Mom, okay. Everyone is not true! "How to combat a escape the onslaught of kisses and more tears defend its obvious embarrassment. " Oh sure, I meant it, "he grabbed back. n "I know! " link on this amount proved to be a very exciting experience for Ted and everyone in particular. " Linda, let him go, or we are all back, "said Ted grabbed type s in your pocket. " Come on you, is that damn school and shirt tuck in" another thing flush type with a smile that immediately set both under his spell again , adding the emotional nuances, it building. Ted was almost kind of momentum toward the front door leaving Linda to think of her young son disappeared. the way to school normally only lasted just over 15 minutes of the car s, compared with about thirty buses. She did not say much to each of n but others were deeply in each other's thoughts, and I'm glad the Metaphysicsorical space. Art asked Pre Teen Lolitas if I would ever overcome the shame of the mother of his s saw his throbbing erection, while Ted asked if tell him his own secret. is only when they encounter something temporary traffic stops the lights at an intersection, he said. " can not miss in order? " Ted asked about the view. " Yer think so, let's see. " Said the kind of hands to reveal about his all that seemed the beginning of an ominous lump Pre Teen Lolitas in her n pants. " Uumm.. " Ted seemed surprised rather curious in the art. "You put in two pins? " " No, just one. " " Well, that's why we can see the pants when the gap. " " Oh.. I have it somewhere.. sshii yer. " sniffed type and started looking for by the contents of his pockets, which only serves to highlight fly more and more. " How long are these lights last ? " Said Ted tries not to look. " I do not know... ah, I did," said the other type of safety needles waving in the air, "I'm stick it " " in not literally, I hope. " He laughed Ted and looked out the corner of my eye, like art in vain trials, the open fly pin together. Now it was very obvious So that accumulate quickly. n ", art, search HHMM.. I do not think this is a bit uncomfortable.... You should not see... well you know. " Ted had started to say something like he thought he was a bit of a shame that the two so close as to be treaty of nature, also a member of hardening including. " Papa Do you.. "Ted had said he looked out the window. Enter a short laugh. ' " Interrupted so excited. "I'm trying! Dad, listen, please. " nature, was his is a general statement n honest, sincere, naive if Pre Teen Lolitas , which if used at all, just to feel Ted worse. "Dad, you have to overcome this embarrassment now - because you see me in previous hard.. I have nothing to hide I have? In any case, you have known will alwayst one, right? " ", I guess. It is quite obvious. "Ted said, looking at the red light flashes during his teenage years he went before. " The thing is, somehow that seems to understand about me and sex. It is almost n as you know how.. ` Because I speak and not crazy, good over the straw ! " Then he looked up and gave a big smile, which completely threw Ted. " Moreover, I tell you why. Things, you know WOT I mean. " " Uumm way, I'm not sure you should tell me. "For the first time, it was Ted trapped by the words and I felt very ashamed that his son was open talking about sex, and trusting in Him. " The way this conversation is is for his friends, like Nigel, not for me. " " That he has done, "said Art ignore your answer and smiled, after mastering the safety pin in the second place," Can you see me now Daddy's pants ? " The abandonment of the view of traffic quickly looked Ted the Town Hall Square, " I do not think so. " " LiAccording to right now is green. "Type of sounding incredibly relaxed and happy. Almost as if the former had not happened before. Ted was with his thoughts on other things, away from the lights on his way to by the street and finally, to the change in third gear. " the art of listening, I have to say that in reality, something that in my opinion n ' s important. " " WOT? " Smiled kind looked out the window. There was something very, very well about so openly about sex with his father, in fact, I enjoyed it s talks little, even if it meant embarrassment to times. the truth was that they loved each other and showed it. Ted cleared his throat and began tentatively. " Well, you know, I always seem to very understanding about her.. HHMM habits? " " You mean you masturbate? "Asked the guy and then laughed. " Basically, yes. "Ted knew he would start as soon as there is no turning back. N " Get up, father of WOT, say then ? " He looked left, saw Ted with his left hand type orf the knot in the his pants, in that split second that inevitably drew attention type, n smiled mischievously at him. " Will it make me blind? " "I thought it would have been by now," they both laughed. " Art Now, shut up. Is something that I could say, and just want to help for a change a little embarrassing for me. " " Cor. You?" art turned to him. "WOT ? " " Do you ever wonder why it does not seem crazy and so relaxed, , with his incessant masturbation and everything connected with the other kids ? " N " no, no, do not know. Well, not now. I. " Shaking his head, looked back Ted, who seemed to be now, a little red in the face. "Why do you say no, now? " "' Cause now I think I understand now that you have a lot of good father, as father of the most s is " stopped " in fact, in the world. " " in the world? "Ted repeats. " Yer. " Art was looking at the floor now and apparently pushed control o change in mass. "Now WOT is Dad, why do not you go crazy ? " " Promise andou will not tell anyone. "Said Ted looked at him. " And I think that no. " " YER.. I promise then. "Art said, sounding a bit puzzled, looked up and , again on the floor. " So WOT is? " " The truth is I'm not angry because I know exactly Pre Teen Lolitas what is white. " " WOT? Knowledge is like WOT WOT? S asked suddenly the interest rate more in the conversation , sat in his seat and looked around. " Mean WoT of ?" " Oh hell ! Do I have to write it. " Ted was now a very embarrassed. "Art, like I was a child like you. I... I was with all time! " " Wot! " Art of the lower jaw slammed. "You mean.. masturbate? " " Yes " Apparently, Ted was not ashamed to talk about art face, but , while driving. " So I know exactly what's happening in school and trying to hide at home with mum and that. " " Wot! You? And also ? With the other children" have been slow to some subjects of Art could, but in relation to sex, which was sharp as a pin. " All this, yes. " Ted saw and, finally,kind of caught in the eye. " Surprised? N see you're not alone, that happens all the time on your age. They grow from him. " " Daddy, why are you telling me ? " Type of voice was off. "My father wants to know why ? I am not sure wot I knew you do not do well. " " Because... I love you.. and I think we 're a bit confused and concerned \\ \\ n to do it all the time.. and "break the back of the hand wipe his face before the final," You do not need to be alone with this type of problems, as I was. " " Oh, shit ! " Art said softly. He blinked. "So this is.. WOT... you know why.. Thu, is like. " N "I know very well what they do well. " Ted rubs his eyes No again. "We will be there in minutes... you n right? " " Are you? " Ted did not answer, but he put his hand on the art in the leg in the path responded by putting his hand and squeezed hard. Contact no was more than a few seconds, the blue doors of the school early in the light and the carTo get on the sidewalk. "Art, I do not know how you get up, I just want to know that I always here if you need me. " " I know that. " -Type response wiped his eyes started in the back of the sleeve of his s like leaving the car. "Dad, there was no need to say me. " " I think it was. " Ted smiled. "It seems to turn life around. " "Maybe. " Said Art, and then quickly closing the door open to say again that pop head back y. " I love you. " As usual, Alex Tom had arrived on the morning bus to school. Tom only complete all the details of what his father told him as above, the night was now monitoring what his mother had said that the morning. " And then WOT? " Alex asked with enthusiasm. "WOT has said ? " " Well, nothing. " Tom shrugged.. "She just sorta di asking and wot changed the subject for tea! " " Wonder WOT then told your father ? " Alex said through pinching the back tooth. " Cornflakes with blood, put it heresomewhere! " " I have no idea, you think I should try to do it? " " Yer, I would. "Alex saw his dental office and then put your nose s. " I see. Hey, I think WOT "said Alex Tom ignored nasal hygiene," I n Brian is still in his pants and shorts! " " Do you have a hole in your pocket, no matter how "Alex smiled. " Wot! Hole, where? "Said Tom immediately n both hands in his pockets and to explore the area. " And I put yer shorts in the laundry, I am the mother to repair the zip file, do not know that are not mine. " Alex saw Tom 's hands twisted around in the gray pants. " Ooh! " Tom's face broke into a wide grin. " Left pocket.. cor, that intelligent, with the hole in the top. Hey, I can with only two fingers n ! " " I know you want to do with him in shorts, nail me Mamas scissors. Innit clean? " " Better not, my mom would be sure to find it ! " " In any case, get yer hand now 'because we're here. "Said Alex find and saw the dark bluelarge wrought iron gate when the bus n down to pull into the stop. " Come, let's go. " Tom stood up, his pants and first store n grabbed the bag from the floor. 'N must remember Simon get over it the key. " " Damn, I forgot about it. It would have gutted the weekend if not!. "Said Alex Tom still shorter and uses was in them. " Who was asking about a friend of the arts is wunnit ? " " Yer. Nigel, I sure am. Lets go look for before signing Simon remember. " " Hey, you're playing with Willie yer through the hole in his pocket when we got "Alex whispered as he pushed hard on Tom 's ass, as he came to the top of the stairs, " I can then see if it shows when I do ! " Grin Tom turned his head. It was almost close enough to kiss, his heart had begun to accelerate as soon as he had felt a lump in Alex pushed his pants. "Why do not you come sit on my left by a change in mathematics and weThe fingers through the bag? " " It's not fucking learn? "Alex smiled. " Do not you remember happened WOT in the physics of yesterday? " " Fuckin 'hell ! " Tom's face fell, he looked around quickly and ", she whispered. "But I want you to hold me ! " Began to Alex pushes him down the stairs, cracked his stiff cock vigorously now inserted into Tom. "I know, and I just want this! " almost to the rear deck of the bus laughing and trying fell hold together without it being obvious that they wanted desperately n physical contact. When dressed this morning, Brian relocated and fronts and Alex ' n shorts, an erection was now assured, if not in full swing. ########################################### # #################### ###### Chapter 65 to follow
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